endings are the best part: a jesse/beca mix
an album about beca and jesse’s friendship, romance, missed chances and eventual happy ending. composed entirely of famous closing credit songs - just how jesse would like it.

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i. you’re so cool - hans zimmer, from true romance // ii. born slippy - underworld, from trainspotting // iii. she’s got you high - mumm-ra, from (500) days of summer // iv. build me up buttercup - the foundations, from there’s something about mary // v. stand by me - ben e. king, from stand by me // vi. if you leave - omd, from pretty in pink // vii. everybody’s gotta learn sometimes - beck, from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind // viii. stay - lisa loeb, from reality bites // ix. let go - frou frou, from garden state // x. anyone else but you - ellen page & michael cera, from juno // xi. the promise - when in rome, from napoleon dynamite // xii. don’t you forget about me - simple minds, from the breakfast club